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How does the Hotmart subscription service work?

Hotmart offers the possibility for Digital Producers to set up their product in the format of a subscription.

This modality implies a recurring charge for access to the content. This means that, the buyer needs to make frequent payments (monthly, every two months, quarterly, semestral or yearly, according to the Producer’s settings) to have continuous access to the Product for a period of time.

The price to pay for each recurring payment and the date for such payment are fixed! For example: if you’ve purchased the subscription on December 10, all recurring payments will be charged to your credit card on the same day or the bank slip will be generated by our system and sent to your email every month on the 10th

Important: in some cases, the first installment can be promotional, offered by the Producer so that you get to know the product. After the first month, the next recurrences will be charged in full, unless you cancel your subscription after the first month, charges will happen normally in the next months.

Besides, it’s worth noticing that, if subscriptions are made using two credit cards to pay for it, currently, only the first payment will have its amount split into the two cards. The other payments will be charged in full in “card 1” according to what was selected in the moment of the purchase.

You can also manage your subscription payment preferences according to the payment method chosen at the time of the purchase. However, it is not possible to change the payment method from credit card to bank slip and vice-versa. In cases like this one, we recommend you cancel your current subscription and buy the product again, selecting the desired payment method.

Possible subscription payment forms:

Regular in countries across the board:

  • Credit Card 
  • PayPal
  • Samsung Pay
  • Google Pay

Cash Payments:

  • Boleto Bancário - Brazil
  • Oxxo - Mexico
  • Multibanco - Portugal

Direct debit:

  • SEPA - Europe
  • PSE - Colombia

Possible subscription status:

Initiated - Subscription has been started but still hasn’t been paid/authorized by the payment gateway. E.g.: A subscription using a cash payment method but still hasn’t been paid.    

Active - A valid subscription paid on time. 

Inactive - A subscription that has been started, but the cash payment wasn’t made on time. 

Overdue - A subscription that was active, but missed a subscription payment. E.g.: When trying to charge the credit card registered for the subscription it was declined.  

Canceled by the customer - A subscription that the buyer has requested to be canceled via the Hotmart platform. 

Canceled by the seller - A subscription that the seller has requested to be canceled. 

Canceled by admin - A subscription that’s been canceled by Hotmart. 

Expired - A subscription that has had all of the payments made. 



  • Subscriptions with 5 consecutive unpaid recurrences will be automatically canceled. 


  • subscriptions with a predefined amount of payments will be charged until all of the payments have been made, at which point the subscription will be automatically canceled. For instance, a weekly subscription with only 2 recurring payments will be charged just twice a year, or every six months. After this period, the subscription will be canceled.    

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