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How to maintain my subscription plan

A subscription is a recurring charge that can be weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually. 

By purchasing a subscription plan, you are agreeing to the periodic charge. That is, in the case of a monthly subscription, a monthly fee will be charged to continue your access to the product without having to contact the platform or the Producer. This invoice will be issued automatically. 

Charges are made on the day of approval of the first payment for your subscription. For example, with a monthly subscription, if the first payment was approved on January 1, 2019, the next payment will be on February 1, 2019. You are free to change the invoice date at any time. Better understand how to change the payment setting

The payment ensures that you have access throughout the billing cycle until the new one is issued. 

Subscriptions can be purchased via credit card or other forms of payment that the Producer permits. Understand what all the possibilities are. 

Renewing the subscription via credit card is simple. After the end of each period, a new recurrence is automatically charged to the card, ensuring that you continue with access to the product. 

In the case of bank payment slips (where available), on the day the subscription is renewed, a new slip is issued with the payment due date and it’s automatically sent to the email you have registered on the platform. Then, just make the payment as soon as you receive it.   

Since the subscription renewal process is carried out automatically, it’s not possible to make payments in advance. After each billing cycle, a new invoice needs to be issued. 

Important: if you do not make the payment within the established period, the Producer has the right to block your access. But don’t worry! Subscription charges are not retroactive. In other words: just make the current payment and access will be re-established shortly after the seller identifies the payment. From then on, just make subsequent payments on time.

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