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Is it possible to cancel a Smart Installment plan?

Smart Installments is a payment method that allows the buyer to divide their purchase into monthly installments, without compromising the total credit card limit. To find out more about this payment method, please see our article How does a Smart Installment plan work?.

When purchasing a product with a Smart Installment plan, the buyer agrees to pay for the product in a number of fixed installments. However, it is important to note that once the first installment of the purchase is outside the guarantee period, it will not be possible to cancel outstanding payments or request a refund.

In other words, it is only possible to cancel the outstanding installments of a Smart Payment plan if the request is made within the guarantee period of the first transaction of the purchase. Once the period has expired, it will not be possible to cancel installments until the full amount has been paid.

If the product purchased is within the warranty period, you can request a refund by following the steps indicated here. If you request a refund within the period, the outstanding installments will be canceled and there will be no further charges.

If the warranty period of the product you purchased has expired, it will not be possible to request a refund or cancel your plan. In this case, we recommend that you contact the creator for more details on this process, as well as the warranty period established by them. To find out how to contact them, see our article How do I contact the creator?.

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