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Is it possible to have free access to a product?

When registering their products, creators can choose different ways to display their products. The display options may vary as follows:

  • Full view with payment;
  • Free full view;
  • Free view of some module(s);
  • View of additional modules with payment.

It is important to note that free access to courses is only possible when configured by the creator during the product registration. Thus, the offer of free viewing, whether for the entirety or for specific parts of the course, depends on the choice and configuration made by the creator when making their content available. If the creator chooses not to offer free access, viewing will be available only with payment.

To learn more about the available viewing methods for the product you would like to purchase, you can contact the creator directly for more information. If you have questions about how to contact the creator, you can refer to this article.

Important information: As a consumer, you cannot change the course viewing method. In this case, it is entirely a configuration of the creator, and only they can clarify any doubts about the different types of access and payment methods available.

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