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What payment types and methods can I select for my product?

When registering your product at Hotmart, you must go through two steps regarding payment: defining the type and method of payment. Let's explain each of them.

Payment Types

  1. Access your Hotmart account using the link: app.hotmart.com
  2. At the side menu, select Products
  3. Click on Create Product
  4. In Pricing, choose the desired payment method
    You can choose from the following options:

Cash only - The value of the product must be paid in full and there is no option to pay in installments

Installments with fees for the buyer up to 12 installments)


The buyer will pay the product value in more than one installment and will be charged a fee of 2.89% per month on the value, in addition to the price paid for the product. You can decide how many installments the payment can have, but remember that the number of installments available to choose depends on the product value.

When purchasing in installments, you will receive the full value of the product and the buyer will pay the additional installments.


The Producer can choose whether to pass on the costs to their client. Simply configure the offer WITH a fee and then choose how many installments you will make available. In this case, each installment will have an increase of 2.99% p.m.


Producers will be able to register a product on the platform, offer up to 12 fee-free installments and receive the full amount when the sale is made. Specifically in Colombia, fees are charged by credit card operators and rates may be different for each customer profile.


Fee-free installments for the buyer


When the fee is contracted by the seller, the commission base value they will receive on the card sale will be discounted according to the rate of 2.89% p.m. and the number of installments.

For example, if you defined that the product will cost 2x R$50, when purchasing with a bank slip, the buyer will pay R$100. If you buy with PayPal, they will also pay R$100. When paying by credit card, the buyer will pay 2x R$50 (summing up R$100 just as with bank slip and PayPal), but the base price for calculating the seller's commission and its Affiliates will be R$95.83 as the installment payments will be discounted. This value is called Actual Price within the "Offer Registration" screen.

But don't worry, you don't need to do any of these calculations! The purpose of the post is to clarify how this payment option works, because when it comes to configuring your offer with fixed installments, the platform will do the calculations and automatically present the customized installment plan for you.


The Producer will be able to choose the fee-FREE offer option for their client and customize the payment plan by determining the number of installments they wish to offer, 3x, 6x, 9x, or 12x, for example, and will be able to view the values for each of them.

*In both installment cases, with or without interest for the buyer, each installment must always have a minimum value of 100 MXN.


Subscription Plan - The buyer makes recurring payments, which can be monthly, bimonthly, quarterly, semi-annual, or annual. You will be able to create different subscription plans for your customers, defining the name of the plan, billing frequency, the price of each charge, and the limit period for which that charge will be made.

*The payment method cannot be changed after choosing it, therefore, it is important that you carefully select the option that best suits the format proposed for your product.
**Available payment methods vary depending on the currency of the chosen country.

Smart Installments

Smart Installments is a form of payment that allows the buyer to divide the value of the product into several monthly payments using their credit card without the total value of what they are purchasing blocking their balance limit.

This way, the product becomes more accessible to the buyer and helps them having a more pleasant experience when purchasing your product.

Note: The Smart Installments option is not available for Brazil, Colombia, and Mexico, as in these countries there is the option of native installments.

Payment methods

After registering your product, you can choose to offer, on your Payment Page, different options for your customer to pay for your product.

  1. At the side menu, select Tools
  2. Payment Page Settings
  3. Select the desired product
  4. Define which payment methods you will offer

The available payment methods are:

  • Credit card
  • Bank bill
  • Pix
  • Credit Card via PayPal
  • Hotmart Balance
    ⦁ The Hotmart Balance is only available in Brazil. For buyers outside the country to use the balance, the offer must be registered in Real and the Producer must have an account in Brazil to receive the amount paid in Real.
  • Caixa’s virtual debit card
    ⦁ The Caixa’s virtual debit card is only available in Brazil.

You can also make the following payment methods available:

  • Samsung Pay (except for Colombia, Mexico, Peru, and Chile)
  • Google Pay (except for Colombia, Mexico, Peru, and Chile)
  • Oxxo (Mexico)
  • PagoEfectivo (Peru)
  • Sencillito (Chile)
  • Multibanco (Portugal)
  • SEPA (European Union)
  • BACS (United Kingdom)
  • PSE (Colombia)

It is not possible for the Affiliate to choose which payment methods will be available on the Payment Page of the promoted product.

Amount restrictions for cash payments:


  • Colombia $9,000
  • Mexico $100
  • Other countries $100


  • Colombia $1,000,000
  • Other countries $10,000

If you have any questions when it comes to these payment methods, please open a request with our Support with the subject PAYMENT OPTIONS and our team will be ready to help you out.


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