What payment types and methods can I opt for my product?

When registering your product on Hotmart, you’ll need to go through two steps concerning the payment for your product: defining the type of payment and then the method. 

Payment Types

  1. Log in to your Hotmart account using this link: https://app-vlc.hotmart.com/login
  2. In the left sidebar, select Products
  3. Click on Register Product 
  4. After filling in the basic information, under Pricing, choose the currency and then the payment type 

You can choose among the following options: 

One-time payment - The price of the product needs to be paid in full, with no option to pay in installments 


For those selling in Brazilian Real (BRL) and Mexican Peso (MEX):

Installments with extra fees paid by the customer (up to 12 payments) - The buyer will pay the amount for the product in more than one installment and in Brazilian Real (BRL)will be charged an extra fee of 2.49%  each month, 2.99% for those paying in Mexican Peso, on the amount in addition to the price paid for the product. You can decide how many installments the total price can be paid in. Keep in mind that the number of installments to choose from depends on the price of the product. 

In purchases paid in installments, the Producer will receive the amount in full for the product and the buyer will be paying the installments as a loan from the bank. 


 For those selling in Brazilian Real (BRL), Mexican Peso (MEX), and Colombian Peso (COP):

Installments without fees to your customer - In this case, the extra fees will be paid by the Producer, discounted from the set price of the product. On the checkout page, information will appear for the buyer to divide the installments into x payments for x amount each payment with no extra fees.    

See here from when to use this type of installment. 

Subscription - The buyer makes recurring payments, which can be paid monthly, bimonthly, quarterly, semesterly, or yearly. You can set up different subscription plans for your customers, establishing the name of the plan, how often the charges occur, the price of each charge, and the maximum time period for that recurrence.

*Payment types cannot be altered after the product is approved, so, it’s important you choose the option that best fits the format of your product.

**Payment types available vary according to the currency of the country chosen.

Payment Methods

After you register your product, you can choose to offer, on your checkout page, different payment methods.

  1. On the left sidebar, select I’m a creator
  2. Click on the product you want 
  3. Then, click on Tools 
  4. And finally, click on Payment Settings

The payment methods available are:

  • Credit Card - Making this payment method available is a requirement. In purchases made in BRL, USD, or EUR, the buyer can split the amount on two different cards.
  • Bank Payment Slip - Payments made via bank payment slip can only be paid in full and are restricted to purchases made in Brazil (boleto bancário), Colombia (boleto), and Mexico (OXXO). Making this payment method available is optional. 
  • Direct Debit - Only one-time payments are accepted via direct debit and they work as a wire transfer. This payment method is optional and can only be made in Brazil and Colombia. 
  • PayPal PayPal only accepts one-time payments made with the credit card registered or using the credit already available on the PayPal account. Making this payment method available is completely optional. This option will be featured on the product’s checkout page if selected. By clicking the button “Pay with PayPal” the client will be redirected to the Company page.

You can also make the following payment methods available:

  • Samsung Pay (except for Colombia, Mexico, Peru and Chile)
  • Google Pay (except for Colombia, Mexico, Peru and Chile)
  • SEPA (European Union)
  • BACS (United Kingdom)
  • Baloto (Colombia)
  • Oxxo (Mexico)
  • PagoEfectivo (Peru)
  • Sencillito (Chile)
  • Multibanco (Portugal)
  • PSE (Colombia)

It’s not possible for the Affiliate to choose which payment methods will be made available on the product’s checkout they promote.

Some restrictions apply for cash payments:

Minimum amount:

  • Colombia $9.000
  • Mexico $100
  • Other countries $100


  • Colombia $1.000.000
  • Other countries $10.000

If you have any questions when it comes to these options, you can open a request with our Customer Support with the subject PAYMENT OPTIONS and our team will be ready to help you out. 

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