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Can I Make Purchases Using Two Credit Cards?

Yes, purchases can be made using two credit cards. 

Purchases with two credit cards are beneficial when one card doesn’t have enough credit to purchase the desired product. Or, when for whatever reason, you don’t want to use up a single card’s credit limit.

This feature is not available for all products on the Hotmart platform. Thus, if creators want to include this option, they need to go to Payment Settings, and then enable the option for payment with two cards for their products. 

Once enabled, buyers can use two cards on the checkout page.


How do I know if the product I want to buy can be purchased with two cards? 

When the dual card option is enabled, when selecting credit card as the payment method on the checkout page, the following tabs will be displayed:


To purchase in this way, simply select the option "Two cards" and then fill in all the requested information in both tabs. You can also select the amount to be charged and the number of installments on each card.


For the installment option to be available, the minimum amount selected on a card must be US$5.




  • If one of the cards is not approved, your purchase is canceled and the charge is not sent to the card operator.
  • The fee for installments will continue to be 2.89% per month – a percentage that will be applied separately to each card.
  • Refunds will continue as normal. The system will carry out the reversal automatically, that is, for both cards.
  • This payment method is not available for purchases in Mexico and Colombia, for Subscription-type products, and also on Checkout Pages that have Order Bump and offers with the Automatic Sales Retriever activated.
  • When selecting the option of payment with two cards, the installment interest will always be paid by the buyer, regardless of the configuration set up by the creator for the product.

If you have any questions, just contact our Customer Support.

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