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Hotmart Marketplace: What it is and How your Product can be Displayed in this Online Store

Hotmart Marketplace is our online store for digital products. It helps potential customers find and buy digital products.

This is an official Hotmart advertising outlet for Creators to display their work at no extra cost. It helps products gain visibility and increases their chances of selling.

How does Hotmart Marketplace work?

Potential buyers access the Hotmart website and search for products by subject, Creator’s name, product name, or a related term.

After finding and selecting a product of interest, the potential buyer will be able to view all available product information and carry out the purchase. 


I have a product with Hotmart: how can it be displayed in the Hotmart Marketplace?

For your product to be eligible to appear in the Marketplace, you need to follow these steps:

  • Your product needs to be distributed by Hotmart. This means that, in the case of an online course, it must be hosted in the Hotmart Members Area: Club. If it’s an eBook, for example, it must also be distributed by Hotmart, not externally;
  • You need to have your Hotmart Product Page set up and published. See how to set it up for free.

Important: These are examples of some criteria that increase the chances of your product appearing on the Marketplace. Hotmart also takes into consideration the interests and objectives of visitors who access our online store to purchase digital products. So, products are always displayed with the best shopping experience of our visitors in mind.


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