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What types of content can be sold at Hotmart?

Information products give us the knowledge to educate, solve problems or help enrich our lives in various respects.

This is a hot topic nowadays, primarily for those seeking opportunities which the digital market has opened up to share this information in new ways with others. 

At Hotmart, information products can take the form of ebooks, tutorials, video courses, software, among many other digital products.

But what kind of files can you register on the platform?     

You could market:

            - Online Courses, Members Area, Subscription Services

              - Ebooks, Documents

              - Tickets for events

              - Screencasts, Movies, Clips

              - Audio, Music, Ringtones

              - Software, Downloadable programs

              - Images, Icons, Pictures

              - Serial numbers, Coupons

              - Mobile Applications

              - Templates, Source Codes


Files to be downloaded: video classes, PDF or EPUB ebooks, various documents (.doc, .rtf), audiobooks and music (mp3, wma), speeches and screencasts (MPEG, FLV,MOV,WMV), software (.exe, .msi), images, scripts and any other computer files that can be downloaded online.   

We also work with membership sites: private groups, restricted member areas, Coaching groups or any type of site where the producer wishes to charge membership fees. In these cases, if the producer wants, they can integrate their site’s registration system with Hotmart’s platform so that members can be automatically allowed access or blocked accordingly.  

As soon as you post a product, it will be run by our Hotmart evaluation team. Here, they’ll thoroughly inspect different aspects of your product, such as the content, quality, and if it meets the platform policies.    

After completing the product settings, you’ll need to finalize your registration. You’ll only be able to complete your registration after confirming your personal and financial information on the platform. Remembering that the product must comply with the platform's policies.

At the end of the registration, the product will have its Blueprint score calculated. The Blueprint is a rating system for products posted on Hotmart Market according to the information registered by the creator of the product. The more detailed and relevant the information is about the product, the better the score it will get.  

Now that you know our guidelines for posting, check out some tips on how to create a top-notch product! 

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