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What’s the difference between online event, webinar, e-ticket, and online course?

Have you just arrived at Hotmart and don't know which type of product is ideal for your business? Read this article and we’ll provide you with the key information to help you make this decision.

What’s the difference between online event and webinar?

Both Online Events and Webinars are ways of streaming live. Those who create webinars are usually looking for quick actions, where it’s possible to sell and attract potential buyers. 

Online events, on the other hand, are used by businesses to provide a full experience for the audience and charge a ticket for it. Therefore, this format allows you to create a schedule with several online streams in a short period of time.

Keep reading to find out more details about these three Hotmart solutions!

What’s a Webinar?

A Webinar is a free solution for attracting potential buyers and selling your products live. And you can also call the webinar by other names, such as live class or live stream. It will depend on your strategy.

The main benefits of creating a webinar are: 

  • It's fast: you create it, invite participants, and are up and running in no time
  • It's free! Create it without spending money
  • During the stream, there’s also a chat room so you can talk in real-time with your audience with comment management
  • Chat with a button where you decide what the text and link will be. It might be the link to your payment page, a Hotmart App community, and groups on WhatsApp and Telegram
  • The chat remains available for consulting after the stream is over 
  • After the stream, you can download a list with all participants of your livestream. Remember that this is a list of people interested in the content you deliver, which increases the potential of them becoming buyers 

Watch the video below with the step-by-step instructions on how to create your webinar: 

And if you want to, you can read the step-by-step instructions on how to create the webinar

What’s an Online Event?

An Online Event is the answer for those who want to sell a product in an event format, i.e., a meeting with people who will have a live experience together during a given period of time. 

An event can be a group mentoring, workshop, lecture, seminar, congress, or conference. It will all depend on your strategy. 

With the solution, you put together your type of event from start to finish; from its creation to sales! Check out its main features:

  • Defining and organizing the schedule: you can create events lasting one or more days, organize the schedule and invite other speakers. And everything will be organized and available in a restricted area for those who bought tickets.
  • Real-time chat: The stream features a chat room where you can talk to the participants live. In addition, you can reply, mute, or delete a chat. 
  • Chat room with an offer button: the chat room also has a feature to make offers live. You can create a button quickly with catchy text at the top of the chat room, and links to your product’s payment page. It can also be a link to a premium community in the Hotmart app or to a WhatsApp and Telegram group.
  • Sell tickets with the help of other people: a great possibility to promote your event is to include it in Hotmart's Affiliate Program so that other professionals can promote it.
  • Additional content: besides streams, you can add free or paid complementary content in the same place where you organize the schedule, such as texts, videos, PDFs, spreadsheets, and others. 
  • Separate participants: it’s possible to separate the audience by rooms with access to different content. For example, the "Basic" ticket may give access to a module with 5 lectures and extra material, while the "Advanced" ticket gives access to two modules with 10 lectures and extra material. 

Check out the video that teaches you step-by-step instructions on how to create your online event: 

And if you want to, you can read the step-by-step instructions on how to create an online event

We have also gathered the main questions about online events

What are etickets and online courses?

An eticket is how you sell tickets for in-person events. At Hotmart, you can sell tickets at different prices, create upgrades, and even make lots. Check out the step-by-step instructions on how to register a ticket for in-person events

An online course is content that is more in-depth and can be offered as pre-recorded videos, PDFs, audios, and more. At Hotmart, you can create your online course in the Members’ Area, a space where you organize your content, distribute and sell it any way you want. 

Find out how to register a course in the Hotmart Members’ Area.

Can an online course be an online event?

An online course can be a digital event, as long as it doesn’t refer to evergreen content. The online event has a start and end date. If you want to create an evergreen product from your event’s content, we recommend that you create a product in the Online Course format.


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