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How can I register an online event as a product?

Your next event can be at Hotmart! An event can be a conference, symposium, festival, lecture or summit. You choose the type of online event that best suits your business.

You can create online events and livestream them, as well as chat with your audience and sell other products while the streaming is taking place. 

Check out the step by step how to register an online event on the Hotmart platform in the video below:

Or, follow the steps below:

  1. Access your Hotmart account through the link: https://www.hotmart.com/login 
  2. On the left side menu, click Products and Register Product.
  3. Opt for Online Event for the format.
  4. Complete the basic information for your product. In this screen, you must complete the name*, description, language, product category, and other important info for the correct registration of your digital product. Then click Continue
  5. Write dates and times for your event. Click Continue again. 
  6. Now you have reached the Pricing stage, in which the currency, guarantee, and price of the product are defined. Click Continue after setting these. 
  7. Now, you will arrive on a screen where you can check all the details of the product, in addition to making other settings. To continue registering the event, on Event Area
  8. Click on Access Events Area. The Hotmart Members Area (Hotmart Club) is the place where you can host, organize, and distribute your digital product in the most appropriate way for your business
  9. To add the event online, click on Content on the left side menu to be directed to the Content Manager page
  10. Then click + Add Module
  11. Name the module, select the group(s), choose whether it will be free or not, and click Save and go back
  12. After creating the module, you will be redirected to the Content Manager. There, you will see the module you just created with some options on the right. Click Live 
  13. Then, a Create a Livestream screen will open, in which you need to choose the method of stream (YouTube or Vimeo) and insert the link of the video. Note: it must be a Live link of YouTube or Vimeo. These are streaming services that allow you to speak to many people at once. 
  14. Then enter the title, description, date and time of the stream.
  15. When the stream is made via Hotmart, click on the desired thumbnail and choose the main image for your event (thumbnail).
  16.  Choose to Save and go back

*Important: The name you choose when creating a product will be displayed to your buyers and throughout Hotmart. 

If you wish to make changes to the Product Name, go to the Basic Information menu. 

For existing products, the “Product Name” is updated in all Hotmart fronts based on any change in the “Basic Information” menu or “Product Page”.

And after creating the event?

  1. To check the event, just click on Access Dashboard next to the module.
  2. Pay extra attention to the information in the last steps of the configuration of your livestream on YouTube or Vimeo.
  3. When you’re ready, click Start stream

How do I use Hotmart Live?

Now that you know how to enter your event online on the Hotmart platform, it's time to learn how to take full advantage of this solution.

To establish an even stronger connection with your customer, you can enable the Chat feature, which is in the upper right corner, after clicking Start Stream. With it enabled, you allow your audience to chat and ask questions while the event takes place. 

You can delete the comments during the chat, as well as make lightning offers. For example: “I’m making an offer now that is only valid for the next 5 minutes. Hurry!"

How to create triggers

Triggers to encourage sales can appear in the chat. You can create them before or during your stream. Check out the step by step how to create a sales trigger:

  1. Click on Triggers
  2. Click New trigger
  3. Click External Link (CTA)
  4. Then, enter the text for the trigger and button
  5. You can also determine the time it’ll be displayed for and background color
  6. Then, just insert your product link
  7. And click Save changes

Don’t forget that you can only use one trigger per time. 

How to create highlighted messages

  1. Access the livestream you've created.
  2. Click on the Triggers tab.
  3. Click New Trigger.
  4. Now click on Highlight
  5. To make the trigger more engaging, customize the text.
  6. Define if this is a scarcity trigger, i.e., it will only be displayed for a certain amount of time.
  7. To make it even more attractive, choose the button’s background color.
  8. Click Save and activate the trigger when the time is right.

How does my customer access my online event?

You just have to send the link for your Hotmart Members Area to your audience. As long as your student has already registered with Hotmart, just enter your login and password. If they haven’t registered yet, they can do so quickly.

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