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What is Hotmart Analytics and how to use it?

What is it?

Hotmart Analytics is another incredible features that shows you data about the performance of your business so you can make more assertive and smart decisions.

There you get complete information about how your product is performing, such as the number of visits on your page, data per segmentations and conversion rates.

Don’t worry, Google Analytics is still a great ally to identify the origin and behavior of your traffic, however, Hotmart Analytics will become your main source when it comes to the health of your business.

Besides comparing data, on Hotmart Analytics, you get to analyse graphics and tables divided into 4 tabs:

Home: It’s the general numbers of your product, showing the total number of visitors and the pages mapped by the code.

Segmentations: In this space you get to segment your visitors and see the information in different ways. Then, you can see the audience and behaviors that had made more purchases. Some important segmentations for your analysis are Traffic and Offer Origin.

Pages: Here you’ll find conversion metrics and usage of every page tracked by the code.

Conversions: It shows a list of conversions of every parameter entered on your HotLinks. This screen is of utmost importance so you follow the campaign that’s better performing. To have better results, you need to use the parameters UTM and SRC on your HotLinks. Learn more about SRC here.

To access Hotmart Analytics:

1- Log in on your Hotmart account by clicking here

2- On the left-side menu, click on Analytics 

3- Hotmart Analytics page will open with all the information about your business!

If you haven’t registered your Hotmart code on your pages yet, check out on this article how to do so.

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