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Which status can a withdrawal request take?

Withdrawal requests at Hotmart can take different status, which help Affiliates and Producers to track their updates through the system.

A withdrawal request can take on the following status:

Pending: the user has already requested the withdrawal on our platform.

Processing: Hotmart has received the withdrawal request and sent it to the bank for payment.

Scheduled: the bank received the request and will proceed with the payment.

Completed: payment was successfully made and the amount can be withdrawn directly on the bank account registered on HotPay.

Returned: the bank identified some error with the bank information entered, that’s why the payment was not made. In this case, you need to revise them on our platform. To do so, login to your Hotmart account, click “My Account” and then “Financial Information”. If you have questions, check our article How to register my Financial Information to receive sales commissions processed by HotPay.

Here’s an example:

You requested a withdrawal on Monday at 8 A.M. As soon as the withdrawal is requested, the status is Pending. When Hotmart sends your request to the bank, the status changes to Processing. When the bank receives your request, the status changes to Scheduled. On the next day, if your bank information is correct (if this is your first withdrawal), you’ll receive the requested amount to withdraw on your bank account. The status will only change to Completed in the next business day.

If the status is Returned, it means the bank has identified an error with the financial information entered and you’ll need to review them on our platform.

If you have any questions, get in touch with our Support under the subject WITHDRAWAL. We’re at your disposal!

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