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I can't access my purchase. What should I do?

If you are trying to access your purchase and are unable to, this article will help you out. Not having access to your purchase could be due to various reasons, such as:

  • Incorrect password;
  • Wrong email entered;
  • Product access time has expired;
  • Overdue subscription payment;
  • An overdue payment of an installment.

First, try resetting your password

The first tip is to reset your password and try to log in to the platform again with the newly created password. To do this, just follow the steps in this article: How can I reset my Hotmart access password?

You may have mistyped your email

It is common to accidentally put an extra letter or character when entering your email address or password on the Hotmart platform. If the wrong email address is entered, the information to access your account or the purchased product won’t be received. See how to change your password.

Product access time has expired 

Many products sold on our platform have an expiration date determined by the Producer. Not every product purchased has lifetime access, that is, access with no expiration date.

Another issue might occur when you try to access your product and a message appears stating that you don’t have permission to enter the members area.

In most of these cases, it means that the access time to your course was limited to a certain period and has now expired, leaving your product automatically blocked.

As this is something set up by the Producer. We suggest that you contact them directly and see what your options are. For example, if they could extend the access period so you can finish the course. Or, perhaps, they can offer a solution that will benefit both parties.

In either situation, it’s worth contacting the Producer. You can find the Producer’s contact information on the product’s sales page or on the payment page.

If it’s a subscription, you might have an overdue payment 

Hotmart Producers can create digital products to be sold as subscriptions. This method allows recurring billing, which can be monthly, bimonthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually. In these cases, buyers only have access to new content by making the payment according to the frequency set up by the Producer.

This means that if a subscription payment has not been approved on your card, or if you have not made the payment on time, your access to the subscription will be automatically blocked.

Depending on the way in which recurrences are being charged (either by credit card or local payment method), you’ll need to check your payment status for your access to be unlocked.

Check out more information about subscription products in this section of the Help Center

If you are paying in monthly installments, you might have an overdue payment

At Hotmart you can purchase a product in up to 12 installments with recurring monthly charges (*where available). Those who choose to buy a product in installments need to make their payments on time in order to maintain access to the product.

If, for some reason, your payment has not been approved, your access to the product will be automatically blocked.


What should I do if I have an overdue payment? 

If you are late with your installment payment, you have two options:


Try to process the payment again with the same payment method

Check that everything is correct with the payment method you are using to make your payments.

Depending on the method, your card might have expired or not have available credit. If necessary, contact your bank or card provider and ask if there are any problems.

If you don't see any restrictions, you can go to your product's payment dashboard and try to process the overdue installment again. To do this, simply:

  1. Go to purchase.hotmart.com;
  2. Log in with the same information you use to access your product;
  3. Your purchases will appear in the dashboard. Products with an overdue payment are identified by the label Payment pending;
  4. Click on the product and then click Settle pending payments in the right side menu;
  5. You will see a list of installments and their status. Look for the payment with the status of Overdue and click the button Make Payment to process it again. Remember, to regain access to the product, all due installments must be paid;
  6. The payment request is made immediately, but processing may take a few minutes to complete. We will let you know by email if the attempt was successful or not.

Change your billing details and register a new card

If you tried to process a payment again, but the attempt was unsuccessful, you can register a new card to make monthly payments.

The new registered card can be used to pay overdue installments and will be the card used for future charges. When you change your card, you do not change the billing date.

Important: this alternative is only available for purchases originally made with a card. If your purchase was made with a bank transfer or a local payment method, you cannot change your payment method.

To change your card, just follow the steps below:

  1. In your product's payment dashboard, got to the option Payment;
  2. Insert all the information on the new card you want to use;
  3. Click Save.

Important: After changing your card, you can pay installments that are overdue, as described in the previous step.

If you have any questions regarding these options, you can open a request with our Customer Support.

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