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How to make your first sale

If you have a product that has already been registered at the Hotmart platform, it’s high time you started making sales. And a great way to do that is by setting up the Affiliate Program so that your product can be promoted by other people as well. 

  1. If your product is registered, access your Hotmart account on this link.
  2. In the side menu, click Tools> Affiliate Program
  3. Select the product and click Continue

Now, You’ll see more options appear to fill in in order to configure your Affiliate Program. 

  • Commissioning: here, you’ll set the commission percentage and commissioning rule for your product. This rule defines how commissions will be paid.
  • Promotion: here, you’ll define if your product will be visible on the Market. You can still add Tags so that it can be found more easily. In this item, you can share an email of your customer support and other relevant information for Affiliates. 
  • Advanced: You can define cookie duration and Affiliation Bonus. 
  • Automation rules: here, you should set the rules for the management of your Affiliates. 

     4. After filling in all of the items, click Save

Now it’s time to let your product be promoted by others so you can start making your first sales!

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