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How to make my profile public

We understand that not all of our personal information needs to be made available to our customers. With that in mind, Hotmart offers the option to create a separate Public Profile.

There, you can select which information you want to appear on your product page and what information your buyers will have access to.

Check how to set it up:

  1. Log in to your Hotmart account: http://app.hotmart.com 
  2. In the top corner, click My Account
  3. Within your account page, click the tab Public Profile

In the public profile, you can add your name as you want buyers to see it, a profile image so that their buyers can feel more comfortable and confident in making their payment, and a description of yourself or your business.

In addition to providing direct access to your social media, you have the option of making your numbers available on your Hotmart Members Area or not, such as the total number of courses you offer and the approximate number of students you have.


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