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How to set up Club ads to my course

At the Hotmart Club, the members’ area of the Hotmart platform, you can create ads for your students without having to pay more for it. For example, a Digital Producer with more than one course can offer them to students at separate times during classes.

This way, you offer another product to your student, increasing your profit, and expanding their knowledge.

See a simple step-by-step guide on how to insert an ad in your course:

  1. Access your Hotmart account using the link: https://app.hotmart.com;
  2. At the side menu, select Products
  3. Click Hotmart Club
  4. Select your members’ area
  5. At the side menu, go to Products
  6. Select the desired product
  7. Find the module where you want to place the ad and click Add, and then click in Ads
  8. Fill in the details of the advertisement you want to create (name, product, description, upload of media files)
  9. Click Save
  10. And don't forget to Publish so that the offer appears to your students

That’s it! Your new ad can be positioned before or after the class you want in the Club's content manager.

You can also configure the release period for your ad (in days or on a scheduled date).

A release in days defines the period in which the product will be available after purchase, and the release on a scheduled date sets a specific release date. The page will be released shortly after publication if you do not fill this field.

Note: it is important that, in the description field, you contextualize and correlate the course being watched with the product advertised in the ad description, considering your strategy.

When clicking the Buy Now button, a checkout tab will open within Hotmart Club, and your student will be able to complete the purchase!

If the student has already made a purchase with a credit card at Hotmart, this card will be suggested to the student. This way, they will not have to fill in their bank details again to complete the purchase.

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