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Which documents do I need to register my payment information?

For your registered bank account to be validated, you must fill in the following information:

  1. Nature of the bank account.

You need to inform if it is an individual or a legal entity account.

  1. Name of the account holder

Enter the name exactly as it appears on your bank account.

  1. Type of account.

You can choose to enter an IBAN or an account number.

  1. You must enter the BIC-SWIFT.

BIC Swift (Bank Identification Code): it has the purpose of allowing the identification of banking institutions through a set of letters or numbers. This code has eight to eleven characters. The BIC allows transnational transfers to be made for which the charge to the account holder does not exceed the cost of a transfer in the bank's national network. You can check your bank's SWIFT code through the following link: https://www.theswiftcodes.com 

  1. VAT number.

This should only be registered by legal entities located in the countries of the European Union where the VAT system applies. For the rest of the countries, this box will not appear.


You also need to attach the following documents. 

  • Official personal document that proves your identity.

This must be an official, valid document issued by the corresponding authorities in your country, state, province or region. It should also include your full name, date of birth, and your photo.

  1. Valid and legible bank document that verifies all the bank details reported depending on the type of account you have chosen to register (bank, account number and holder).
  • Document that proves the account number: The document must include the name of the bank, account number and name of the account holder. An example of a document you can attach is an account statement that you can easily download from your online account.
  • Document verifying the IBAN: IBAN (International Bank Account Number) is an international standard code for the identification of bank accounts. IBAN is accepted in most European countries and some other countries around the globe. In relation to other countries, the data that replaces the IBAN is the account number or the Cable (used in Mexico). You can check your bank's IBAN through the following link: https://www.iban.com

 OBS: Those countries that do not accept IBAN to receive transfers from abroad use the account number of the respective users. In this case, just send the document that verifies the bank account. 

  1. Other documents:

If you register a bank account as a legal entity, you must attach your company registration in "Other documents" for it to be approved.

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