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In which currency will my commission be paid?

When you make a sale at Hotmart (as a creator, affiliate, or cocreator) your automatically paid your commission. But, when it’s an international sale, how do you know which currency your commission will be paid in?


Commissions at Hotmart can be received in 4 currencies:

  • Brazilian Real (BRL)
  • American Dollars (USD)
  • Euros (EUR)
  • Pounds (GBP)

Commission policy

According to our terms of use,  your commission’s currency will be determined considering the combination of the following factors:


  1. The creator’s local currency.
  2. The currency the offer is in.
  3. The currency the buyer pays in.

That is to say, if the creator’s local currency is the same as the offer’s and the buyer’s, the commisssion payment will be local (as long as it’s in Real, Dollars, Euros, or Pounds). Under this policy, the cocreator’s and the affiliate’s commission currency will be the same as the creator’s. 


Example: A Spanish creator registers an offer in EUR for a buyer from Portugal. In this case, the commissions will be paid in EUR. The affiliates and the cocreator of this product will receive their commissions in Euros.


Keep in mind: Transactions in Euros, for countries within  the EU, will be considered local transactions.




  1. If your sale does not fit in the above policy, your commission will be paid in US dollars.
  2. If you are in Brazil, sales made in dollars will have the commission amount converted into reals.
  3. If you don’t live or pay taxes in Brazil, you can withdraw your balance directly to your local bank account in the currency of your country (as long as it is US Dollars, Euros, or Pounds).

Check out some examples:

  • A creator in Spain with pricing in Euros and sales in Brazil. This creator and their affiliate's commission will be paid in US Dollars.
  • A creator registers a product in Japan and sells it to a European country, the commission will be paid in US Dollars.
  • A creator registered in Brazil with sales in Russia. Commission will be made in US Dollars.
  • A creator within the European Union with a product priced in Euros and selling to any country within the European Union will receive commissions in Euros.
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