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How do I change the email address used to access the product?

You access the products you have purchased from us through the email address registered at the time of purchase. But, if you have trouble, and you can no longer access the email address you used, we can help!

There are two types of email changes: the change of the email used in the purchase and the change oftheaccount’s email.

Usually, changing the email address linked to the purchase is required when there’s a typo in the email address, the email address used for the purchase has been discontinued, you don't remember the email address you used, or you’ve lost access to the email address.

On the other hand, customers can change the email related to the account when they want to change all products from one access email to a new one, usually for organizational purposes, and to separate a professional email account from another one used for leisure/hobby courses, for example.

Please note that for your security, third parties cannot request changes for you. Only the buyer or the creator of your course can request to change the purchase email address or account.

To request an email change, please submit a request to our Support team. Select I'm a Buyer > Update registration data. Select the desired option and fill in the requested information.

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