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How do cookies work at Hotmart?

Hotmart’s cookies duration can be customized by Producers. They can last 60, 90, 180 days or even eternally, and they can also choose among these models: Last Click, First Click, and Multiple Clicks Counts.

This means that when an Affiliate refers a visitor to the seller's site, that visitor receives a cookie that will last, by default, 60 days, or the term you stipulate. That is, even if the visitor returns to the seller's website weeks later, whether or not they have the Affiliate link, the commission will still be registered. According to the chosen commission attribution rule (first, last or multiple clicks) the Affiliate who referred that visitor, will receive a commission.

This enables Producers to use strategies of advance sales funnels, with HotLeads, and then Hotmart will be able to track commissions and attribute them to Affiliates.


  • John is an Affiliate and shared his link http://hotmart.net.br/show.html?a=XXX
  • Richard is a buyer, clicked on John’s link and was redirected to www.hotmartproducts.com
  • Richard viewed the products but didn’t buy anything.
  • Weeks later, Richard accesses www.hotmartproducts.com directly and buys a product.
  • John receives the commission.

Frequent questions about Cookies

1) If the seller is using an email capture form on the sales page, will this affect the Affiliate's commission?

It won’t affect it at all. Quite the opposite, actually, it may even help, because the Producer will communicate with the visitor by email, increasing the chances of the Affiliate converting this lead in the future. Cookies will continue to work regardless of the next sales funnel.

Remember to never stop showing the Affiliate code on the external page. If this is an email capture page, this is very important because it ’s through this code that we can confirm that the lead came from the Affiliate. You can do this by accessing your account from the menu MY ACCOUNT> Preferences and by checking the option "Add the Affiliation Code to my products' external page."

2) What if the Producer sends the checkout link directly to the buyer? Will it manage to override the Affiliates' cookies?

No, the Producer’s link will never override the Affiliates links.

3) If a visitor, before making a purchase, clicks on 2 different Affiliate links for the same product, who gets the commission?

It depends on the commission attribution rule that the Producer chose.

If they choose the Multi-click option, both the first and the last Affiliate will earn a commission. In case they choose the First click rule, only the first Affiliate will receive a commission. And if they enable the Last click counts rule, the last Affiliate who referred the customer to the site will earn the commission.

That’s it!

If you have any FURTHER questions regarding this matter, we suggest you contact our Support directly under the subject TRACKING HOTLINKS.

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