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What is Hotmart Developers?

Hotmart Developers will be your new partner when it comes to consulting your customers' information directly on Hotmart and generating better intelligence for your business. 

Through these APIs, you’ll have access to important data about your business, such as information about your customers, how they consume your content, and various other significant features. 

Below, you can see some of the items you’ll have access to: 

  1. Easy-to-understand public documentation in a business context
  2. Example code to make life easier for devs
  3. Sandbox (testing environment) for development
  4. Developers have the ability to filter returned data
  5. Data security and traceability
  6. Data governance
  7. Improved performance and control of requisitions
  8. Scalable and monitored through SLAs
  9. Current support

To access Hotmart Developers, click here. 

Important: if you use HotConnect to perform some of these functions, be aware that it will be discontinued and replaced by Hotmart Developers, where you’ll have the key features to make your onlinel business reach its full potential. 

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