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Online Event: Frequently Asked Questions

An event can be a conference, symposium, festival, lecture or summit. You choose the type of online event that best suits your business. Check out the frequently asked questions:


What is an online event?

An online event can be a workshop, conference, symposium, convention, seminar, online meeting, or a ton of other possibilities. Just choose the format that best matches your business strategy. 

Do I need to enter the schedule in the Events Area to publish my event?

Yes. It’s necessary to fill in all the schedule information in the Events Area. 

  1. After registering your product, click on the left side menu and choose your online event product. 
  2. Then, in the internal menu on the left, click Access Events Area
  3. To add the event online, click Schedule on the left side menu to be taken to the Schedule page.

See the full walkthrough here.

Can I just hold an online event in Hotmart’s Members Area (Hotmart Club)?

No. You need to register a product in the format of an Online Event and configure its schedule in the Hotmart Events Area. In this step by step guide, you can see all the details. 


Can my event last more than one day?

Yes. The management of the start and end of the event is up to you. For example, it is possible to have an event that starts on Monday and ends on Friday. 

Is it possible to create weekly or monthly events?

We do not recommend creating with these intervals, as an event that happens less frequently may have a stronger commercial and scarcity appeal. In this case, we indicate that you create a different event for each period.

Can I place different time slots for each day of my event?

For now, it is only possible to put a time slot: the date of the first day and the closing date. 

To give the dates and times of the event, as well as the different intervals for your audience, we recommend inserting the times of each day of the event on your Product Page (Hotmart sales page) or external sales page.


Can I use a video already recorded for my online event?

Yes. It is possible to insert a YouTube or Vimeo video or a recorded live from the same service. However, it is important to remember that there will be no interaction in the chat since it won’t be live. 

Can I make my event content available online after it’s over?

It's up to you! An interesting way, for example, is to make a cut of the best moments available by email. Or, even sell this content as an extra paid module.

Can only the person who creates the event stream under that user account?

For now, yes. 

Chat (live chat during the event)

Can I consult the chat history after the event is over?

Yes. Just click on Access Dashboard next to the event you want to check the history. Then, a screen will open in which the evaluations of the participants appear. Just click Close in the upper right corner to check the chat history.  

Sales triggers

What are sales triggers?

Triggers are sales stimuli that will appear in the chat during the broadcast. In them, you can offer another course in which you operate as a Producer or Affiliate, for example.

How do I create sales triggers during my livestream?

You can configure the triggers before or during your streaming. After creating the event and accessing the dashboard, just follow the steps below:

  1. Click on Triggers
  2. Click on New trigger
  3. Click on External link (CTA)
  4. Now, write the text of the trigger and the button
  5. You can also determine the time of display and background-color
  6. To complete, insert your product link
  7. Then, click Save changes

Find more details in this content.


How does the refund process work?

The refund process for an online event product works in the same way as for other types of product at Hotmart.

It is important to note that creators must expressly state on their sales page and other means of offer and promotion the effective refund terms. Especially in cases where this period is up to 7 (seven) days from the date of purchase of the ticket, on condition that the request for a refund is made by the buyer at least 48 (forty-eight) hours before the event starts. 

Please note that the creator is solely responsible for establishing the refund and cancellation rules, and any complaints from buyers regarding the established rules will be the entire responsibility of the creator.  For more information, check out our Terms of Use.

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