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Why can't I complete my purchase, or why hasn't my purchase been approved?

The purchase process depends on some validations made both by Hotmart and your bank or payment operator. If any of the data is incorrect or the transaction is not approved by the operator, it may not be processed correctly. This article covers the main reasons why a purchase may not be approved and explains what to do in these situations.

To make a purchase on Hotmart, you must provide some personal information, which may vary depending on each product. However, for the purchase to be successfully completed, it is necessary to pay close attention when entering the data in the form on the checkout page. 

Below are some situations that may prevent the transaction from being successfully completed:

The personal data you entered is not correct 

Please check if the following data from this list was entered correctly:

  • Your name (must not contain special characters)
  • Your email (must be a valid email)
  • Your phone number (without the country code, as the country was chosen at the beginning)

The payment data contains errors

Please verify if the following payment data is correct:

  • Card number
  • Cardholder's name (exactly as it appears on the card)
  • Expiration date
  • Security code or CVV (a 3 to 4-digit number found on the back of the card)

Other possible situations

  • There was a problem generating the bank slip request: please check if you have filled in all the details correctly and try again. If it is still not possible, we suggest trying another payment method or a different device. Don’t worry about the requests you have previously generated; if they haven't been paid, they are automatically canceled.
  • Sorry, this product is not available: this means that the Producer has removed the product you are trying to purchase from sale. In this case, we recommend trying to contact the Producer directly (through the link where you found the offer, via social media, or other options).
  • There was a problem with the credit card operator: check if there is sufficient balance/credit limit and/or contact your bank directly to verify if there are any temporary issues or restrictions on your card.
  • You have already purchased this product: check your email to verify if there is a purchase confirmation for this same product to avoid duplicate purchases. If you have completed the purchase, here's how to access its content.
  • The VAT provided is not valid: if you have a valid VAT number or intra-community VAT number to exempt the tax, make sure to enter it at the time of purchase. To check the validity of the VAT number for cross-border transactions in the EU, you can consult the European Commission's website.
  • We're sorry, but currency conversion for the requested product was not possible: in this case, we suggest contacting the Producer via the email available at the bottom of the payment page under the Contact button.
  • The card provided doesn’t have a credit function: please contact your bank to verify if the card is indeed a credit card.

When the purchase has not been approved

Once your order has been completed, the purchase goes through some verification stages:

  1. Your bank or credit card operator verifies and approves the purchase.
  2. Then the payment platform confirms this approval.
  3. Hotmart receives this information and recognizes the payment.
  4. Done! Your access details are then sent to the email you provided during the purchase.

Reasons for the operator or the bank not to approve the purchase

  • The bank or card issuing institution denied the payment: they may do so, even if there is a sufficient limit, if they consider the transaction to be outside your normal purchasing behavior. In such cases, you should contact your bank to inquire about the possibility of authorizing the purchase.
  • Insufficient card limit: in this case, you can check if the Producer offers alternative payment methods and make another purchase attempt.
  • The card was not enabled for online purchases: some cards require activation for online transactions. In such cases, you can contact your card provider to enable online purchases.
  • The purchase was canceled, but the operator claims it was charged: this may occur when the cancellation was triggered by specific criteria set by the card-issuing bank, even if there is enough card limit available. The limit will be temporarily used, but it will be automatically reversed in the coming days. In this case, we also recommend contacting your card provider to understand the reason for the cancellation.
  • If it is a bank slip or a bank transfer, the purchase may be rejected when the amount paid or transferred is different from the original purchase value. When this happens, you should validate the payment information and try to make the purchase again.

If any of these issues occur, we recommend that you contact your card operator directly to check what is happening, so you can complete the purchase.

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