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How to set up the Plus Access on Hotmart Club?

By setting up the Plus Access, you allow your buyer to share access to your product with up to 3 other people. Each person will get a unique link and it is not necessary for the buyer to share their information with other people.

See the step-by-step on how to set up Plus Access:

  1. Access your account on the platform: https://app-vlc.hotmart.com/login
  2. In the side menu, select Products
  3. Click on I’m a Producer and select the product you wish
  4. Within the product’s menu, click on Members Area
  5. In the side menu, click Access Hotmart Club 
  6. Click the option Sales in the left sidebar
  7. In the new page, click on the tab Plus Access
  8. Enable the Activate offers for Group Sales option
  9. Read through and accept the conditions of the tool:
  10. Now, choose the offers you’d like to include Plus Access with 


  • After a student who has been included as a Plus accepts the invitation to the product, it is not possible to transfer this access to another person.   
  • Only the Content Producer can remove the dependent student from the product so that the opening can be sent again by the student.   
  • If there is a failed payment, or the primary student requests a refund, all the dependent students will lose access.
  • If the content Producer disables the feature, the students who have already purchased with the Plus Access offers will keep the accesses for distribution.
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