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How to set up a drip schedule and expiration date for content in Hotmart Club?

Setting up a drip schedule to release your content can be a strong marketing strategy for your product. Keeping students engaged is essential, and an effective way to do this is by scheduling the release and expiration date of your content.

Here's how Hotmart Club's drip schedule works:

  • Schedule release dates: Choose a specific date for your content to become available to buyers. This lets you plan your content rollout in advance. These settings can be applied to selected content, lessons, quizzes or to all of them.
  • Release based on purchase date: Set a delay after purchase. For example, you could release a new module 7 days after a member buys your product. This creates a steady stream of fresh content for them.
  • Set expiration dates (optional): Want to limit access to certain content? Hotmart Club lets you set an expiration date, making it unavailable after a specific period.

Follow the instructions to set up your drip schedule:

  1. Log in to Hotmart through the link https://app.hotmart.com/.
  2. In the left menu, click on Products.
  3. Then, click on Hotmart Club or My Products.
  4. Select your members area and/or the desired product.
  5. In editing, select the content you want to schedule. Then, click on Schedule.
  6. To define when the content will be available, click on Set a drip schedule. Then, choose from the following options:
    • Drip X days after purchase: content will be released after a number of days from the student’s purchase date.
    • Drip by specific date: content will be released to all Students on a specific date, regardless of when it was purchased.
  7. To set the period in which the content will be available and visible to your students, select the option Schedule content expiration date.
  8. To define the expiration date, enter the number of days that the content will be available to the student from the release date.
  9. Define if the settings should be applied to all groups or a specific group. 
  10. To finish, click on Review drip schedule.
  11. A new screen with the drip schedule details will appear. Check the information,  then click on Schedule in the pop-up.
Important: The expiration date is always based on number of days. If no drip/release date is defined, the expiration date is based on the date of purchase.


Frequently Asked Questions

If I set an expiration date for my content, will all students who have purchased before I do this lose access to the content?

The expiration date considers the release date of the content. Once you configure it, it applies to all students in the selected group. If you schedule the content drip to a specific date, the expiration date will take the release date into account.

For example: Release date on June 20 and an expiration period of 30 days.

  • Student purchased the product on June 6: They will have to wait until the June 20 to access the content and will have access for 30 days.
  • Student bought the product on July 15: The content is already available and they will have access until July 20, which is 30 days after June 20.
  • The student purchased the product on July 21: The content has already been release and expired and is no longer available to the student.
The content has expired, but I want to make it available for more days for my buyers. How do I do that?

Create a new group and include the students for whom you want to provide additional days of access to the content. Specify a longer time period, taking into account the additional time you want to keep the content available and the students' release/purchase date. Here’s an example:

  • Release/purchase date: 180 days ago
  • Additional availability period: 90 days
  • New expiration date: 180 + 90 = 270 days from the release date.
Can I create a drip schedule for a single student?

Yes, it is possible. To do this, you need to create a specific group and add this student to it.

Does the drip schedule and expiration date affect course certification?

Yes. The certificate is issued when all lessons have been completed. In this case, if any content has not been released and/or has expired without the student completing it, the certificate will not be available. You can check if a student still has lessons to complete by accessing the Users tab and filtering by the student's name. Open their profile to verify the history of completed or pending content.

I’m the product creator in ‘Student’ view and there is no content available in the modules where I defined an expiration date. Why is that?

The release and expiration dates are based on the purchase date/date the student was imported. For you, the product creator, the system considers the date the product was created. This means that if you have defined an expiration date, it will consider the product creation date as the content release date. The content may not appear because the period will have expired in relation to that date.



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