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How does the Wallet Statement work?

The Wallet Statement is a tool that allows you to view all transactions and track your current and future balance. Below, we explain the meaning of each field in the statement and how to access it:


Accessing the Statement

To access the statement, go to the side menu and click on Sales >> Balance >> Statement.


At the top of the page, you will see a currency filter and balance cards:

  • Available Balance: This is the total available for immediate withdrawal. You can use this balance for purchases with the Hotmart Card or purchases with balance through checkout.
  • Amount Receivable: This is the total that is not yet available in your wallet due to the integration period. Sales by pix and boleto are integrated in 30 days, while sales by debit/credit card are integrated in 30 days (standard).
  • Total Balance: This is the sum of the available balance with the balance to receive.


Transaction Code Search Field

You can use this field to locate a sales commission through the transaction code. Only transactions in the Sales category have this code, following the pattern: HP + 10 digits (for example: HP3799947242).

Attention: Other filters are disabled when the transaction code filter is used.


Other Available Filters

In addition to the transaction code filter, you can filter by:

  • All
  • Incoming
  • Outgoing
  • Period
  • Categories:
    • Sale
    • Advance
    • Withdrawal
    • Purchase with credit card or account balance
    • Hotmart card refund
    • General entry
    • Opening an account
    • Blocking


Category Filter

The category filter makes it easier to find information in the statement, facilitating the location of specific data.

  1. Sale: Includes sales commissions, disputed sales, and refunded sales/chargebacks;
  2. Advance: Records credits and debits related to sales anticipations;
  3. Withdrawal: Transactions related to withdrawals made and withdrawals returned;
  4. Purchase with credit card or account balance: Involves your purchases using the Hotmart Card or your wallet balance;
  5. Hotmart card refund: Refers to refunds of purchases made with the Hotmart Card;
  6. General entry: Encompasses releases of balance statements, cashbacks, judicial blocks, fee recalculations, among others;
  7. Opening an account: Related to the change of ownership of the Hotmart account. If you have never made this change, you will not have records of this category in your statement;
  8. Blocking: Indicates partial blocks of your Hotmart balance. More details here in this article.


Export statement

You can also export the statement in CSV or XLS format. The file will be sent to the email associated with your account within a few minutes.

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