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What are the sales information of the product?

The sales information of the product shows up when the client is on a Members Area that she entered using a free registration and tries to access modules that are not public (free). In this case, it is shown a screen that allows her to buy the other modules, with the respective sales information (text, video, and price).

To enter the sales information, just follow the steps below:

1. Log in to your account.

2. Access the Course Management option

2. On the left side menu, click on Sales Information 

On this screen, you can enter the product’s description, images, and videos and also set the price you’ll be charging.

3. After you enter this information, just click Save! 


If the client continues the purchase process, a checkout pops up on the members area so she can pay for the product. Once the purchase is completed, the client’s access to the paid modules is released.

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