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What is a Direct Credit Company, and how does it work?

Hotmart is authorized by the Central Bank of Brazil (BACEN) to operate as a Direct Credit Company (SCD). 

In practice, this means being licensed to act as a financial institution that can make digital payment transactions through an electronic platform, directly to our customers, without the need for intermediaries.

Being regulated by BACEN in the SCD mode is also an indication of compliance with the strict requirements of the regulatory agency and of an operation aligned with the best market practices when it comes to security and protection of customers' financial transactions and the integrity and confidentiality of their financial details.


Advantages of being regulated by BACEN

Security and compliance: we follow the BACEN requirements to protect our customers' transactions and information, aiming at the integrity and confidentiality of financial details.

Transparency and credibility: the license demonstrates that we operate in a transparent manner and that we are subject to BACEN supervision and inspection.

Access to regulatory resources: as a BACEN-authorized institution, we have access to updated regulatory information, which ensures that we operate legally and in compliance with the rules in force.

Customer support: we ensure that our customers' rights and interests are protected in accordance with applicable financial regulations, striving to provide them with the best service possible. 


Hotmart payment account

At Hotmart, you are assured that we operate transparently and in compliance with established regulatory standards, maintaining efficient risk management and control systems. 

You have your access within the Hotmart platform (sales link, streaming, affiliate program, Club, sales page, checkout, etc.) and after the first sale, a payment account is created to access your earnings safely and effectively, with the amount being held in a BACEN account. 

This means that your money is secure at the Central Bank and only you can access your account. Hotmart does not have access to or handle your balance without you requesting it. You can learn more about this in our General Payment Policy.

This payment account can be closed at any time by Hotmart, in cases where the account is inactive for more than 12 months, or the creator no longer resides in Brazil. Learn more in this article.

Important: the payment account is different from the account on the Hotmart platform, and even if the first one is closed, you can use the second one normally.

Find out more at https://scd.hotmart.com/

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