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Check out the Hotmart App

Now it's easier to access Hotmart on the go. With the Hotmart app, you can enjoy all kinds of benefits, whether you’re a creator, affiliate, or buyer.

The Hotmart app was launched on October 31 and replaces Hotmart Sparkle, which since 2017, had operated as the best possible environment for buyers to watch classes and access purchases, or participate in communities with 100% organic reach. 


Creators and affiliates will be able to track their sales performance, improve interaction, manage Hotlinks, access their balance, and manage their Hotmart card directly from the app. All this generates greater convenience and speed to meet the demands of running an online business. 




We will also keep improving your customers’ experience within the app. Learn more: 


  • Access to purchased content in a single space

The application ensures the comfort and convenience for customers to access your products using their mobile device, without a diminished experience when compared to desktop or laptop use. 


  • Offline Access

Consumers will be able to watch video lessons even offline when using the Hotmart app, as long as the creator has activated the Hotmart streaming tool (Video Player).




The changes are happening gradually. For now, concerning communities: 


  • Search field 

The app will no longer have a search field. If you wish to promote your community, you need to send the link to your audience.


  • Free communities

You will no longer be able to create free communities within the app. If you have already created one, don't worry! You’ll still have access to it and can chat with your audience.


The app is available on Android and iOS. Upgrade now and enjoy the HOTMART app - Your content without limits. 

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