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What happened to the Hotmart Sparkle app?

Hotmart Sparkle has been replaced with a more consumer-focused version of Hotmart's digital product app. Hotmart Sparkle is now the Hotmart app.

In addition to changing the name and branding, the app's features have evolved to provide greater convenience, integration, and results for our consumers and content creators

Through the Hotmart app, creators and affiliates are able to: 

  • Track their sales performance 
  • Manage promotional links
  • Access their balance and manage their Hotmart card
  • And more... 

All this generates greater convenience and speed to keep up with the demands of running an online business. 

Also, customers will be able to see all of their purchased content in a single space without ads or competition for their attention. 

It’s now easier to watch video lessons and even view content offline directly on your mobile device (but to ensure this convenience for customers, creators need to activate the Hotmart Video Player!). 

Check out the Hotmart app. 

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