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Hotmart’s Glossary

So, you’re new around here and are still a bit confused about digital market terms?  Worry not! We have here the most common terms used by Producers and Hotmart’s Affiliates. We truly hope that this is clarifying and very useful for you :)


An Affiliate is a person who wishes to earn commissions in exchange for promoting a series of products of different niches. It’s usually someone who uses blogs, social media and email marketing campaigns to promote those products.


Autoresponder is a software whose main goal is to automate communication with clients through emails shots, previously set up in the tool. It’s one of the favorite tools of those who work on the internet selling digital content. There are several autoresponder software options out there, the most common being: MailChimp, Aweber and GetResponse.

Call to Action

Call to Action is a marketing tool used to guide a visitor or potential client to carry out a certain action on your site. They are usually buttons or captions within a sales page or capture page.


The checkout is where the buyer enters their information and chooses a payment method to pay for their purchase


The commission is determined by the person who creates a product, Producer, who decides exactly how much Affiliates will get per sale made.  

Digital Content

Digital content is any type of product that can be delivered through the internet.


Conversion is an index that determines how many customers are accessing your site and how many are performing the action you’d planned to measure. The conversion rate can be obtained by dividing the number of actions performed (purchases or registrations for example) by the number of visits generated in a given period.


Most websites store basic information about user activity uses for the purpose of recognizing the user the next time he or she returns to the site. In Hotmart’s case, cookies are inserted into the clients' browsers to enable the tracking of commissions.


CPA means cost per acquisition which is basically the general cost of each sale made.


CTR means “click-through rate”, that is, the percentage of clicks per client on each link, depending on the number of time that link appeared to them.  

Sales funnel

The sales funnel is a series of steps a prospect needs to go through so that he can purchase a product. These steps can be capture pages, sales pages or actions that require customer attention.

Promotional Link (Hotlink)

Promotional Link (HotLink) is the link generated by Hotmart for users who join the affiliate program. Affiliates use this link to promote a product and earn a commission for its sales.


“List” is usually a reference to a list of emails each Producer keeps about their clients.


Market niches are audiences with particular needs or segments which are underexplored or nonexistent. For example, the franchise “Subway” is in the food niche, whereas “Apple” is in the tech niche.


Opt-in is a voluntary act of subscribing to an email list with the objective of receiving information from the owner of that list.


Opt-out is the act of unsubscribing from an email list so that you no longer receive communications from the owner of that list.


Is the number of pages viewed from a website.

Squeeze Page

The squeeze page is a page made specifically for capturing the client's email. Usually, some benefit is offered to make so this process works out.

Sales page

It’s the page where the producer describes his product, presents the benefits or features of it and makes the Buy button available.


Paypal is one of the international payment platforms and it is currently used at Hotmart.


It is the entrepreneur who advertises digital content for sale on Hotmart.

Open rate

Open rate is related to emails that are sent to customers. For example, if a producer has a list of 1,000 prospects and only 100 of them open each email sent, the open rate will be 10%.


A technique used to leverage sales and increase the average ticket per user. It consists of presenting a complimentary offer to the first one, soon after the confirmation of the purchase of the first offer.


It is a platform for posting content on websites, generally used by bloggers. It’s through WordPress that blogs are set up and entrepreneurs keep in touch with their customers.

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