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What are the reasons why my Hotmart payment account could be closed?

At Hotmart, you have your access within the Hotmart platform (sales link, streaming, affiliate program, Club, sales page, checkout, etc.) and after the first sale, a payment account is created to access your earnings safely and effectively, with the amount being held in a BACEN account. 

This means that your money is secure at the Central Bank and only you can access your account. Hotmart does not have access to or handle your balance without you requesting it. You can learn more about this in our General Payment Policy.

The opening of this account complies with a BACEN requirement that includes the annual maintenance of the account information. To do so, it is necessary to keep your registration information up to date, have active transactions, and regular access to our solutions.

The payment account can be closed in two ways:

  1. On the user's own initiative, and at any time, provided that there are no pending issues, such as inconsistencies and irregularities in the registration information provided to Hotmart; issues regarding the reputability of the creator; pending claims; pending transactions being processed or not yet settled, and any pending payment obligations associated with the payment account.
  2. On Hotmart’s initiative, in the following cases: for lack of commercial interest in maintaining the account; if the account is inactive for 12 months or more; if the creator ceases to reside in Brazil; by order of the competent authority; for any irregularity in the information provided by the creator; for failure to comply with any provision of the General Payment Policy, or any other rules and conditions of registration; for suspension or cancellation of the document presented by the creator, CPF/CNPJ (company or individual taxpayer ID), or for any other irregularity noted by the Federal Revenue of Brazil

Closing the payment account 

In cases where the payment account is closed by Hotmart's initiative, you will be notified in advance to the email address informed during the registration process.

If you have an available balance in your account, you must follow the instructions below within 3 business days to withdraw your money:

  1. Contact our Customer Support via this link
  2. Submit a request with the subject "Withdrawal amounts from a closed payment account";
  3. Wait to hear back from our team with the withdrawal instructions.

The closing of the payment account is automatically canceled if you make a sale between the date of the cancellation notice and the effective date of cancellation.

If you make a sale after closing the account, a new payment account will be created automatically.

Important: the payment account is different from the account on the Hotmart platform, and even if the first one is closed, you can use the second one normally.

Find out more at https://scd.hotmart.com/.

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