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What are Hotmart Extensions, and how can I use them to grow my business?

Hotmart Extensions are powerful tools that can help you take your digital business to the next level.

Extensions offer an email marketing service, a page creator, and a webinar solution, all fully integrated with the Hotmart platform.

 To access it, just follow the steps below: 

  1. Log in to the platform at the link https://app-vlc.hotmart.com/login
  2. In the upper right corner, click on the dots icon next to your profile picture
  3. A tab with the following options will open:
  • Page Creator
  • Email marketing
  • Webinar
  • Products
  • View All Tools

Now, let's give you a brief overview of each tool. Keep reading!

Page Creator

With the Page Creator, you can create landing, sales, 'thank you', and lead capture pages. We have several templates available for you to customize according to your brand identity. You can also publish your pages to your own domain.

Explore the menu to view or create new pages and perform A/B testing, or use other features such as quizzes and popups.

Email Marketing

The Email Marketing tool has everything you need to create email campaigns and a complete dashboard to track their performance. Segment and organize your leads, and find out how to better engage them.


With the Webinar tool, you can create livestreams and interact with your audience. During the live event, you can chat with participants in real-time and sell your product using triggers. You can also download a list of subscribers and participants to develop your communication strategies and capture potential buyers.

View all tools

Create surveys, customize your checkout page, sales funnel, and much more. By clicking on View all tools, you can choose and set up a variety of tools to help you promote and sell your digital product.

If you have any questions about Hotmart Extensions, contact our Customer Support with the subject HOTMART EXTENSIONS. Our team is ready to help you!

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