How does the subscription cancellation and refund work?

Do you understand what a subscription product is and how it is charged?

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If you haven't requested a refund yet, you can do it here.

Considering that recurring installments will be debited from your card, or via bank slip, it’s necessary to understand the difference between cancelling a subscription and requesting a refund.

Subscription refund

Each payment processed by our system generates a transaction for your subscription. This means that a 6-month active subscription will have a total of 6 transactions generated, one for each monthly payment (the transaction is generated regardless of the payment approval).

Each transaction has a warranty of 30 days, meaning that each recurrency can get a refund without complications if the buyer requests the cancellation of any of this payments within the time limit.

IMPORTANT: asking for the refund of a transaction does not imply the refund of the total amount already paid, nor does it prevents future charges.

How to request a refund:

See the article How to request cancellation and refund of the purchase made?

How to track your reimbursement

If you’ve already requested a reimbursement, you can follow the status of your request via this link. Just insert the transaction code and the email you used to receive the purchase.


Subscription cancellation

The cancellation of a subscription will lead only to the interruption of payments not yet charged, it stops the service. The buyer will no longer have access to the Members Area and thus will not pay the total amount of the product.

However, the cancellation does not mean the refund of the total amount already paid.

Therefore, if you wish to cancel a subscription service, you should know that you also need to request the refund of the last transaction paid. Remember that it should be within the return period. 

The cancellation and the refund are two processes that should be requested together. The interruption of the payments by the client does not imply in the automatic cancellation of the subscription. It is essential that the customer do the cancellation on the Hotmart platform to avoid new charges.

How to cancel a subscription service?

If you have problems to perform these processes, our Support is always available!

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