How does the HotLink tracking process work?

When the sales hotlinks are generated, each order is tracked by a code placed at the end of the hotlink. This code is connected to your Hotmart account and refers to that specific product. This ensures we know you were the one to promote the sale.

Affiliations are tracked using cookies installed in browsers. When a future customer clicks on an affiliate hotlink, the browser he used to open the link keeps the affiliate's registration for up to 60 days. That is, if in the next 60 days the user decides to complete the purchase, using that same browser, the affiliate will receive commission from this sale.

It is important to remember that you must check if you are promoting the hotlink correctly. Orders must be placed via the hotlink, not on the sales page. Never promote the direct sales page. You must promote the hotlink (link containing ""), which will send your affiliate code to the cookies in the buyer's browser. Hotlinks follow the standard It is possible to use link shorteners.


To check if an affiliate link has expired, just type ref: on the bottom of the sale completion page (left side, bottom). Your affiliate will be right beside the ref: variable, as long as the conditions described above have been verified. For example:


Hotmart © 2015 - All rights reserved - ref.::: XYZ


If you have any problems with this procedure, please speak to our support team. Use the subject HOTLINKS.

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