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What can stop me from receiving commission after a sale?

Producers and Affiliates receive a confirmation email whenever a sale is made. The sale, once completed, will also appear on the sales report. If you did not receive this email, there might have been a problem in the purchasing process, and the product could not be bought through your Affiliate hotlink. This sometimes happens when:

  1. The browser used by the customer does not allow cookies;
  2. Hotmart identified that the person buying the product is an affiliate of that same product, i.e., the buyer used the same personal data registered in the affiliate program (Taxpayer ID Number, address, phone number, etc...) to make the purchase. That means Hotmart's anti-fraud system flagged the purchase for originating from the buyer's own promotional link (Hotlink), thus canceling their commission;
  3. You promoted the link for the product's sales page and not your affiliate promotional link (Hotlink);
  4. The customer removed all cookies or temporary data in his browser before completing the order;
  5. The customer clicked on another Affiliate link before making the purchase.
  6. The order was placed on the same computer used by the Producer. (The anti-fraud system includes IP recognition.)


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