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How does a Producer re-processes the charge of a recurrence delayed by the platform?

Once the sale of a subscription product is made, HotPay will make the automatic charges according to the setting established by the Producer. That’s why, every month it is generated a transaction related to a monthly payment. To learn more about the status each transaction can take, access the article: Which status can a transaction take?

When recurrences are successfully charged and the subscription is regular, its status is active.

However, not always transactions are successfully approved, it may happen that there are some restrictions with the credit card registered by the buyer or they didn’t pay a bank slip. These obstacles can have the transaction status altered to “Canceled” or “Bank Slip Printed” and then the subscription status is “Delayed”.

How does the second charge of these transactions work?

  • For subscriptions paid with credit card, the system tries to reprocess the charge three times. If it isn’t successful, this transaction will remain canceled and the subscription status will only go back to “active” when the next month’s charge is paid.
  • For subscriptions  paid with bank slip: once the bank slip expires, the system doesn’t automatically generates another one for the buyer. In this case, she, herself, can do this procedure by following the steps described in this article.

In both cases, the Producer herself can make a new charge of a non-completed transaction.

1. Login to your Hotmart account through the link: https://app-vlc.hotmart.com/login

2. Click on Sales on the left side menu 

3. Click on Overview the left side menu 

4. Click on the tab Subscriptions 

Use the filters to find subscriptions past due and besides the status you can filter the period when the sale was made, or the name of the subscriber.

5. Click the icon Manage 

6. The following page will open and you should find the transaction marked in yellow and click the arrow. 

7. The option Resend transaction will be available. If the purchase was made with bank slip, the button will read Resend Bank Slip.

You need to consider that a subscription product is programmed to have, for example, 12 recurrences. If during this 12 months there were installments past due, they can be charged again before the subscription status become “expired” or “completed”.

Which means that past due monthly installments, when the HotPay has already completed the recurrence entries, will not be processed by the platform and need to be done by the Producer in direct contact with the buyer.

If you have questions regarding this procedure, our Support is at your disposal!

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