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How to approve Affiliates automatically on the Hotmart platform.

Automate the approval of your Affiliates

If you’ve chosen that only previously approved Affiliates will be able to promote your product in your Affiliate Program, you should know that it’s possible to set some rules to automate the entire approval process. 

To do this, just follow the steps below:

1 - Access the platform Hotmart

2 - Click on Tools in the left side menu

3 - Open the option Affiliate Program, choose the product and click Continue

4 - On the next screen click on Settings and, in Affiliation Rules, select the rules you want

5 - Click Save


More on automated approval

Some ways that you can automatically approve Affiliates:

  • Affiliate Badges

For automation to work, the Affiliate must meet all the requirements. Also in this area, it’s possible to configure Automatic Cancellation, where you define how long without sales the Affiliate can stay until they are automatically removed. Please note that this feature is not available for 1-click Affiliation option. 

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