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How do I set up drip content in my Hotmart Members Area (Hotmart Club)?

Content distribution is an essential part of a marketing strategy. Besides showing commitment to teaching, it’s a tactic that helps hold the group' attention.

From the Members Area, you can determine the release and expiration time of the content all at once.

When modules and pages are displayed as being selected, you can schedule the content’s release on a date, or even set a number of days when the content will be released (note: the maximum period of days for the release of a page is 5 years or 1,825 days).

  1. Log into Hotmart 
  2. Click on Products, on the menu on the left
  3. Select Hotmart Club
  4. Click Products, on the menu on the left 
  5. Select the desired product
  6. Select the modules you wish to set up
  7. Then, determine if you want to:
  • Publish 
  • Unpublish
  • Schedule
  • Delete

Under “Schedule”, you can choose the following:

  • Release by number of days
  • Release by date
  • Remove Schedule
  • Expiration

If you have any questions or issues regarding this process, contact our Customer Support team with the subject HOTMART CLUB CONTENT DRIP.

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