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How to integrate tax management applications via Zapier [BETA]

If you make sales through Hotmart and have integration with the Zapier platform, remember that you can perform your own tax management through integrations with tax management apps. 

With the Zapier integration active, you just need to integrate an app and configure the automation. As soon as a sale is made, the information will be automatically sent and you’ll be able to manage your taxes directly through the app. Keep in mind that this is the beta version and it’s still not available for everyone. 

To integrate an application with Zapier follow the steps below:

  1. Log in to Zapier (https://zapier.com/
  2. On the Zapier platform, the next step is in My App, create the Hotmart integration with one of the available apps
  3. Configure the Automation by selecting which Hotmart event wishes to use it in Triggers, and the destination application in Action. E.g.: Transactions and sales on Hotmart > Send invoice to app
  4. To finish, click on the option Turn on Zap
  5. Your integration is ready and for every Transaction on Hotmart, an invoice will be sent to the chosen app. 

Enjoy the ease of choosing from several apps available for Zapier integration. Check some of them out below: 




Invoice Express





How to use Sales Report to increment your tax management in a few clicks:

Hotmart’s Sales Report is a complete report of your entire sales history with detailed information about each transaction, fees, taxes, commissions, products, and buyers. It presents the information already obtained on the platform in a single document, which can be periodically inserted into the application that you use to do all your accounting in a single place. See how:

  1. Log in to Hotmart
  2. Go to Sales, in the left-side menu
  3. Click on Overview
  4. Sales
  5. Overview
  6. Click on Export in CSV

After downloading the report, open the app that you use for your online business’ accounting, go to the documentation tab and upload the sales report. 

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