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Installments for those who sell in Chile, Peru, Mexico, Colombia, and Brazil

Offering options to pay in installments with or without a fee for buyers is a way to offer more payment options and, of course, increase your chances of making sales.

This is why, if you live in countries like Chile, Peru, Mexico, Colombia, and Brazil, you can take advantage of this option and offer buyers the option to pay in installments in their respective currencies. Check out how it works!

Installments for your buyer 

Choose the Default Installment Payment option and customize the payment plan by determining the number of installments you want to offer. You’ll be able to see what amounts each installment will have.

Interest is defined and negotiated between the buyer and their bank.



Each installment should always have a minimum value of 50 CLP (Chilean Pesos), 3 PEN (Peruvian Sol), 100 MXN (Mexican Pesos). 1 COP (Colombian Pesos), or 8 BRL (Brazilian Reais).

In the case of one-time payment offers, the installment number of 1X will be created automatically on the platform, offered to the end customer, and will not have any costs for the creator. 

If the creator has restrictions regarding the installment payments, they should set up the offer by checking the 1X option, that is, a single installment. This way, the customer will only have the option to pay the full price of the product at once. Regardless of the number of installments, our creators will be able to withdraw the total purchase amount.

With the new installment payment options, it will no longer be possible to register new smart installment offers for these currencies. You can only keep the existing offers. With subscription products, installments will continue as before, always complying with the rules of this payment option.

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