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I received a data authentication request during my purchase.

Hotmart has a complete payment system available worldwide and specially designed for online businesses.

With millions of payments processed in over 188 countries, our payment system offers several perks, as well as an exclusive anti-fraud system with three of the largest security systems in the world: CSE Security, PCI-DSS, and 3D Secure. We also work with 3DS2, the latest authentication required by European countries, which regulates the leading companies operating with personal and banking data. 


Why was data authentication required during my purchase?


Currently, in Europe, data authentication is already mandatory in most countries. This takes place through a protocol called 3DS2, which assesses risks more accurately during a transaction and prevents possible fraud. 


How does this authentication take place?

  1. Buyers enter their card information and click the buy now button.
  2. A payment gateway forwards the payment request to the bank that issues the card (issuer).
  3. The issuer will analyze the transaction, and they may challenge it.  In this case, the issuer requires an extra layer of authentication to confirm the buyer’s identity. 
  4. Then, the buyer will perform the authentication factors. All of this within seconds! If the buyer is confirmed as the legitimate cardholder, the transaction will be authorized. If not, the transaction will be declined. 
  5. Certain transactions may be approved without the challenge; in these cases, the issuer receives the data, analyzes it, and determines if it’s sufficient to attest the transaction’s legitimacy.


The information can be validated in several ways, either by password, PIN, biometrics, facial recognition, etc. Therefore, if you receive an authentication request before you complete your purchase, don’t worry. The process is simple and intuitive, much like what you already do to confirm your authenticity when accessing your email or social media accounts. 


It’s important to highlight that Hotmart is not directly involved in the authentication process. Each bank has its own authentication factors in case of a challenge, and we have no control over what external page will be presented to the buyer.

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