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How do I make my first sale as a creator?

If you want to be an online content producer and have already registered your product at Hotmart, congratulations on getting this far! Now buckle up, because it's time to start selling, and Hotmart will help you on this journey!

To get started, we recommend checking out The Top 10 Sales Techniques Used by Digital Marketing Gurus on our blog and exploring more posts to learn about other strategies and techniques used in the market.


Join Hotmart's Affiliate Program

A great way to increase your chances of making more sales is to set up the Affiliate Program so that your product can be promoted by other people too. This means that other professionals can offer your product to an audience that you might not be able to reach at the moment.

With the Affiliate Program, you can define the strategy that best meets your expectations and those of your future affiliates. 

  • Commission: you define the commission percentage and the commission rule for selling your product.  This rule defines how commissions will be paid.
  • Promotion: define whether your product will be visible in the Hotmart Marketplace, a product catalog where you can buy and become an affiliate. Describe your product to potential affiliates: talk about it, what type of affiliate you are looking for and give as much information as you think is relevant to those who will be selling your course. You can also add tags to make it easier to find and a support email address, which can be contacted if they have any questions.
  • Tracking: determine the validity of cookies and affiliate bonuses. Check the article How does the tracking process of Promotional Links (HotLinks) work?.
  • Automation rules: set up rules for managing your affiliates. This way, you can automatically approve affiliate requests that meet the requirements you want.

The Affiliate Program has a lot of value to offer you. Find out how to set it up by clicking on the article How do I set up my Affiliate Program?.

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