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How can I access products purchased on Hotmart through the app?

The Hotmart app is integrated with the Hotmart members area.


That means that you can use the app to access the digital products purchased at Hotmart anywhere and at any time.

Follow the steps below to set it up:

1 - Download the Hotmart app from your app store

2 - Log in with the same email and password used to purchase the product

3 - On the app's main screen, tap My Purchases

To access a product, tap on its icon, and the content will be displayed on the screen.


How to access the course's modules and lessons

After you access the course, tap on the module and lesson you want to watch, and it'll be displayed on the screen. The Hotmart app has features to boost your learning experience and allows content to be viewed even when you're offline (as long as the product creator uses the Hotmart Video Player).


How to adjust video speed and stream it via Chromecast or AirPlay

When playing videos in the app, you have the option to change its speed and even stream it to a Smart TV, or using Chromecast and AirPlay. To do that, after hitting play on a lesson, choose the features you want to activate.


How to access additional content

If your course offers complementary or additional materials, they can also be accessed through the Hotmart app. In this case, when a lesson has additional content, just swipe the screen to find it and tap on the content. By swiping the screen, you'll also find comments from other students and can leave a message to the product creator. 


Find downloaded content in the app

If you download videos or additional materials to access offline, you can find them all in one place. The Download Center of the Hotmart app makes it easy to access downloaded content. No need to access the product again to find the downloaded items. 

To access the Download Center, follow these steps:

1 - Open the Hotmart app on your mobile

2 - Go to the My Purchases tab

3 - Select your product and click on “Download module”. Important: You can download items from products that use the Hotmart Video Player. 

4 - Done! You'll have access to the downloaded content in the app.

Now that you know how to access your products, take the opportunity to improve your learning experience with the Hotmart app.

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