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How to set up my Thank You Page

On our platform, you can set up thank you pages with interesting information for your student who has just purchased the course. You can choose between using a thank you page generated by Hotmart, or an external one.

For external thank you pages, you may set them up according to the status of the transaction, which may be:

Approved - for instantly approved orders

Awaiting payment - If the order has been made via bank payment slip or debit card and requires payment confirmation

Under analysis - For payment institutions that need a confirmation period, such as PayPal.

Setting up my thank you page:

To set up your product’s thank you page, follow the steps below:

1. Access your account on the platform at https://app-vlc.hotmart.com/login

2. From the side menu, select Products 

3. Click on I'm a Producer

4. When you choose the product, click on the icon 

5. From the product’s internal menu, click on Tools 

6. Click on Checkout Settings 

7. On the next page, go down to Thank You Pages Options

8. Choose between a thank you page generated by Hotmart, or an external page.

9. If you choose an external page, insert the URLs for each page:

10. Click on Save 

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