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How do I set up my Affiliate Program?

In order for your product to appear in the Hotmart Marketplace for Affiliates to advertise, you need to set up your Affiliate Program. You can do this by watching the video below or by following the steps in full detail below:

Steps to set up your Affiliate Program:

  1. Access your Hotmart account through the link https://app-vlc.hotmart.com/login
  2. In the side menu, click on Tools 
  3. Then on Affiliate Program
  4. Select the product you want to make available for affiliation and click Continue
  5. Click Settings 
  6. Within the Affiliation Rule, choose between:
  • All Affiliates will be able to promote the product (1-click affiliation)
  • Only previously approved affiliates will be able to promote the product
  • I will not allow Affiliates (all products come with this option marked as default)
  1. After making your choice, click on Commissioning. Here, you must define the affiliate commission percentage, which can be changed later if you need to. You will be able to view an automatic simulation of how much you will receive for each sale, according to the commission percentage chosen. In the next step, under Commissioning rule, define whether the commission will be for:
  • Last click - the commission goes to the last Affiliate that received the buyer's click
  • First click - the commission goes to the first Affiliate that received the buyer's click
  • Multi clicks - the commission goes to both the first and the last Affiliate that received the buyer's click. This option can only be chosen if the program does not yet have Affiliates and if the producer has not set up a coupon or special discount.
  1. Clicking on the tab Promotion, you can check whether or not you want your product to appear in the Hotmart Market. Choose the tags that Affiliates will use to find your product. Let's imagine that your course teaches someone how to sing. Use some tags like “sing”, “singing class”, “singing course”, that is, think about how Affiliates will search to find your product

    Once this is done, it is time to present your product. Tell us a little about the type of Affiliate you are looking for, what are all the advantages of affiliating with your product, or any other relevant information. That is, it is time to sell your product and also to define the program rules and best practices expected from the Affiliate!

  2. In the tab Advanced, define commission validation via cookies and HotLeads
  • Cookies - Hotmart cookies have a configurable duration by the product creator. The duration can vary from 60, 90, 180 days to evergreen and they work with models of Last click, First click, or Multi clicks. These can be valid for 60, 90 or 180 days, or evergreen.

    This means that when an Affiliate takes a visitor to the seller's website, that visitor receives a cookie that will last as long as you stipulate. In other words, even if the visitor returns to the seller's website weeks later, whether or not they go through the Affiliate link, the commission will still be registered normally

  • HotLeads - HotLeads is an exclusive tool from Hotmart that links lead capturing to Affiliate commissioning. That is, it increases the guarantee that the commission generated by a lead is correctly attributed to the Affiliate who captured it.

    The Affiliate who promotes a lead capture page with HotLeads active to a visitor who registers their email on this page will have an additional resource to guarantee their commissioning in case the system does not identify cookies in the transaction. The tracking will be performed by HotLeads and the commission attributed to the Affiliate who captured that lead
  1. By allowing an Affiliate Bonus, your Affiliates will have the freedom to offer a gift, defined by them, to buyers in various formats such as ebooks, infographics, and interviews, for example. This is a way to help you work with a differentiated strategy and generate more value for your future customers.
  2. Within the Type of Affiliation, define whether you will accept both individual and legal entity affiliates or only individuals.
  3. In Coproductions, enable the option if you want coproducers, that is, when two or more people create a product together, they can also affiliate with your product.
  4. The tab for Automation Rules allows you to create approvals and cancellations according to criteria defined by you and Hotmart, responsible for ensuring the safety and quality of automatically approved memberships. Choose from among the criteria:
  • Badges that the Affiliate must have - Hotmart monitors the activity of Affiliates and Producers and marks the profile of each of these users with symbols called "Badges" whenever a user reaches any notable milestone using the platform
  1. With Automatic Cancelation, you gain more freedom and control in the management of Affiliates who work as partners in the promotion of your products. You can configure this automatic management according to their performance by the number of sales within a given period.

    In this criterion, the period is configured in days (minimum ninety) and is already configured with the minimum of one sale. Thirty-seven days before the Affiliate who has not yet met this mark is going to be removed from your Affiliation Program, Hotmart contacts this user and encourages in their promotion of the product
  2. To finish the configuration, click Save


Following up on the 4th step of this tutorial, you can view the tabs Affiliates and Promotional Media. I will quickly explain each one:

  1. Under Affiliates, you will see all the people who have affiliated with your product and can edit the commission, cancel the affiliation, and other features.
  2. In Promotional Media, you have the opportunity to insert promotional materials to help your affiliates advertise your product.

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