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How do I close or reactivate my Hotmart Producer/Affiliate account?

Hotmart allows you to close or reactivate your account at any time. This process is available if you wish to end your relationship with the platform but feel the need to return one day.

It is important to note that, before carrying out this procedure, it is necessary to check if you have any withdrawal fees on your account, since closing your account will not allow you to access it and consequently withdraw the amounts.

Below you'll find the instructions on how to close your account, as well as how to reactivate it.

  • How do I close my account as a Producer/Affiliate? 

To close your Hotmart account, follow the steps below: 

  1. Access your account via the following link: https://app.hotmart.com.
  2. Click on your image icon in the top right corner and select the My Account option.
  3. Click on the Security and Privacy tab.
  4. At the bottom of the page, you click on the option to Close your account.
  5. In the new page, confirm the action, by clicking on the Close account button.

Once you have done this, your account will be closed, and you will be asked to answer a quick survey about the reason for deactivation. This survey is very important for the development and improvement of our platform and, if possible, we would like you to complete it. It's a simple and quick survey, okay?


  • How do I reactivate my account as a Producer and/or Affiliate? 

You need to send us a request for reactivation. Click on Contact Us at the end of this article and select the contact reason Access Hotmart account, then Account block and reactivation. That's it! Once you've done that, you can detail that you need to reactivate your Hotmart account, and we will help you with your request.

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