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How can I register tickets for in-person events?

Check out the steps on how to register tickets as a product for in-person events. 

1. Sign in to your Hotmart account through the link: https://app-vlc.hotmart.com/login

2. Click on the options for Products in the left menu

3. Click on Register Product

4. Opt for Tickets for in-person events

5. Fill in the basic information which are product name, description, language, target country, and category. Also, add the image that represents your product. Then click Continue.

6. Choose the currency in which the product will be sold and choose the guarantee period, billing, and price. 

It’s important to remember that the registration of tickets for in-person events works around the creation of batches and offers. Batches set the number of tickets to be sold, while offers dictate the prices to be paid by buyers. In this way, you’ll link one or more offers to a batch, setting different prices for a limited amount of tickets.

When setting the event pricing, you’ll already be defining the first offer to be linked to a lot that will be created shortly thereafter.

Then click Continue.

7. Next, you’ll come to a new screen where you must register the ticket batches. It’s mandatory to register at least one batch to finalize the registration of the event. To do this, click on Batches in the internal menu on the left. 

8. Choose to Register Batch.

9. Set the start and end date of the event. The registered event can have a maximum duration of 7 days. Fill in the details about the batch such as: 

  • Name of the batch (category) for your own and your buyers' identification;
  • If the tickets for this batch are non-transferable (it is not possible for the buyer to transfer the ticket to someone else, only the organizer can do so);
  • If the tickets are free:
  • Choose between generating ticket codes, to be used when entering the event; automatically or send a file containing the codes.
  • Total number of tickets in the batch and the minimum and maximum per purchase. Complete the requested information of name, start and end date, location, number of tickets, minimum of tickets per purchase, and whether this ticket is non-transferable or free. 

If it is an online event, just create a product in the format of Online Events and enable the option This event is online and there is no physical address.

Registration of offers

The price defined in the pricing stage will be considered your main offer. You can change it at any time or, optionally, create more offers to be disclosed according to your event's sales strategy. To create more offers:

1. In the side menu, click Pricing and Offers and then New offer

2. Enter the name, description in checkout, currency, type of offer, and select the batch you want to associate the offer with. 

On this screen, there is also the possibility to create an offer from another batch automatically when the batch (number of tickets) linked to the offer sells out. If you want to automate the change of batch, just click yes in the option Change to another batch’s offer when it is sold out? and choose the next batch offer. 

For this, it is necessary that you have already created the next offer option, since, once the offer has been created, it will not be possible to edit its basic information (price, currency, payment method).

3. Then click Save.

If you choose to switch to another offer when the batch runs out, you must select the offer for the sold-out batch. 

Click on save and you will be returned to the offers screen, where you can obtain the link to the payment page of the newly created offer, to be used on sales pages and in promoting.


Hotmart refers to check-in as the act of the buyer to register the information of the participant(s) of the event, according to the tickets they’ve purchased. 

This check-in can be carried out during the purchase (check-in at checkout) and requires the buyer to make this registration of the participants in order to finalize the purchase, or after the purchase, through a link emailed to the buyer giving access to a registration form for the participants, which does not interfere with the purchasing process.

By default, the event registered with Hotmart requests the check-in after purchase, but if the organizer wants to request it during checkout, they can set it up by:

  1. Click Tools in the left menu
  2. Choose Checkout Settings
  3. Under Check in when paying, click Allow buyers to check into the event on my payment page. Check-in always asks for the following information from the participant:
  • Name
  • Email
  • Document #
  • Phone number

Product page (sales page) or external sales page

To finalize the registration of your product in the format of tickets for in-person events, it’s important that you provide the link for your Product Page (sales page created with Hotmart) or your external sales page. 

Regardless of the type of sales page you choose, it’s important that it contains all the information about your event, such as:

  • Name;
  • Location;
  • Dates & Times;
  • Complete schedule;
  • Any additional information.

Ticket Upgrade

An upgrade is creating an offer for that participants from one batch so they can migrate to another with better conditions, paying only the price that you, the event organizer, set as the price difference. The upgrade option, once configured, is available to all buyers in the original batch. Check out more details about the ticket upgrade here. 

How do I register an online event?

At Hotmart, it’s possible to register different types of online events, such as lectures, conventions, workshops, conferences, among others. Check out the steps on how to register an event online.




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