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Why has this Hotmart account been blocked?

Your account may have been blocked for violating our Terms of Use or for system security reasons. The most common reasons for an account to be blocked are:

1 - Spam

The practice of spam violates Hotmart's Terms of Use and, if confirmed by our Customer Support team, may result in the user's account being permanently blocked.

This type of block occurs when a user registers multiple products, and these products do not comply with our Terms of Use, or when the same product is registered several times.

2 - Piracy

Blocks due to suspicion of piracy happen when our security system verifies that a user has downloaded or accessed the same product many times from a different IP/network. This is a safety measure: it is possible someone else is illegally using your account.

3 - Mass product registration

This happens when a user submits products that do not comply with our Terms of Use.

Remember, all products must respect Hotmart’s authorship rules. For more information about blocked accounts and how to unblock them, please contact our support team. Use “BLOCKED ACCOUNT” as the e-mail subject.

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