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What is a Product Bundle and how to create one?

A Product Bundle is a combo that allows creators to offer two or more products at once. 

For example, a creator with 2 products registered on Hotmart can offer them in a bundle for a discounted price. This way, the products are more affordable to potential customers.

If you're a Hotmart creator with 2 or more products registered on our platform, you can now create a bundle. Just follow the step-by-step instructions below in video or text:

  1. Access your Hotmart account at the link: https://app-vlc.hotmart.com/login 
  2. In the left side menu, click on Products.
  3. Select Bundles.
  4. Click Create New Bundle.
  5. Select two or more products to include in your bundle.
  6. Next, choose an eye-catching name and description for potential customers. 
  7. Select your language and market. 
  8. To complete this step, upload an image that will represent this bundle by clicking Select file.
  9. You'll be redirected to the pricing step, where you can see the total price of your products. Now you need to define the discount % your customer will get when purchasing the bundle.
  10. Next, select the currency, guarantee conditions, and payment methods. 
  11. In the last step, add the link from your sales page. If you don't have one yet, you can create a sales page for free with just a few clicks on Create Pages. If you already have one, select the External page tab and enter the link in the URL field. 
  12. Done! You’ll now be redirected to your bundle's dashboard. To promote it to your audience and potential buyers, just click on Promote my bundle or on Promotion Links in the side menu. You'll have access to HotLinks for your bundle's checkout. That's the link you should promote to your audience. 

What product types can be added to Product Bundles?

  • Hotmart Members’ Area

  • Subscription products (Beta) with Hotmart Members’ Area

  • Online Events

Important: The subscription is valid for the entire bundle

For example, a creator creates a bundle with 2 subscription products and makes a sale. If the buyer stops paying for the subscription or, for whatever reason, loses access, they won’t have access to the full bundle, i.e., all products.

How is the Player fee charged in the case of Bundles with subscription products?

In Product Bundles, we consider the standard Player fee multiplied by two. In the first transaction, we charge a fee of $2.99, and in the recurring transactions, the amount is $0.60 for Euro and Dollar. 

See two examples below:


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